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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Exam students are like pregnant ladies.

When you are having exam, you are so stressed up, you crave for lots of things. No wonder exam period, sure put on weight. Although you claim that you don't eat at the times you always do, kgs by kgs or pounds by pounds will definitely be piling up. I wonder if it is because of pressure or just because you are too free. You will crave of things you usually don't and you will eat lots of junks like sweets, asam, chippies, KFC, crackers, biscuits. Anything you can nibble on while studying.

If you don't want to nibble on food while studying, go library. Do not go PBA. Because you are allowed to eat in PBA and not in library. And then again, we smuggled junk food like sweets and small small packets of keropok. The 20 cents per pack one. And sometimes Cloud 9. So actually, doesn't make much difference. Just that you can eat secara terang-terangan in PBA and not in library. And you can put the food all over the table in PBA but not in library. Besides, everyone else will have junk food on their table, so you feel less guilty.

I prefer PBA because I have more freedom there and I get to lepaskan geram by nagging the dogs there for taking naps when I have to study. Lol. And PBA got more place to sit, the time is more flexible and you can eat there. Unlike library, no place to sit, cannot talk, cannot bring your bags in, cannot eat there, nowhere nearby to go for lunch and the worst of all, GO TOILET ALSO BEH CHENG. Cause the aunty who washes the toilet always scold people. Want to go toilet or walk around also worried. Worry will bump into the aunty and got scolding for no reason. Really mou tuin tuin get scolding one.

At times when we go PBA toilet we will think of that aunty and get worried also. Phobia already. One bad thing about PBA toilet though. You have to check, double check and triple check that you do not have extra friend in there with you. Yes, the black creature with blardy long tail. =)

Some people do obscene things in public one lor. -.-" Go study, you study properly la. Why do all those obscene stuff? You kiss my hand, I bite your hand. Super beh tahan. PUBLIC leh.

Anyway, mum just told me something really funny. I am so very the useless. You know kids like it when you promise to give them presents if they do well in exams right? They will at least try to reach the aim and then get their goodies. Yours truly here don't lo. Er Mei Ren will offer me things like if I do well, I'll get this and that. Even before she finished her sentence, I will tell her a BIG FAT NO!!!! Lol.

Damn no kia su. Cause I rarely win anyway. Numb already the feeling. I've never been the brightest or the most hardworking student in class. Maybe one of them but definitely not the 1st. Maybe third or fourth providing that the other students in my class are just like me, more to the not so hardworking side. I would yak yak yak in class and not listen to the teacher. If the teacher is a little fierce, I would be drawing little ugly creatures on papers or table. UGLY is real one. Really not pretty and the UGLY was not on purpose lo. So sad. =(

On the side note, Maths Paper 2 was so so so much easier compared to Paper 1. Probably because I can't do even a question for Paper 1. I am glad Paper 2 was better. Tomorrow is my Econs paper. 4 more papers to go. As much as I love Econs and do better in it, I am freaking worried that I will forget everything when I'm in there. God bless!


Dragon said...

econ over liao? how?

Mrs Chong said...

not bad not bad.. =) Tomorrow Macro

Anonymous said...

Hey...Love d part u said abt 'kao ye' in pba..lolzz..was laughing at it wen reading

Mrs Chong said...

lol. CL!!!!!!! hehhehehe...ya la...damn melampau...

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