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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Clip Hunting

Yes, I should be studying. But can I take a break? Anyway, was clip hunting in Youtube for more S.H.E's clips. I am now a crazy fan of theirs too. A lil too many for me to catch up huh? I agree, hands and legs up. But this is my hobby, I enjoy collecting albums, so just let me be. At least I don't enjoy taking drugs or killing people or something harmful to myself and people around me. Perhaps a little harmful to my pocket.

I found this clip and I felt that this is good enough for a Taiwanese singer. I mean we all know their English. Not to compare but Tony Sun from 5566 can't even read a fan mail in English. This is very good for me already. I seriously love it when they do their harmonious singing style. Its so cool and its like everyone plays and important role. No one is the leader or whatsoever like what always happen in groups.

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