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Thursday, November 01, 2007

A surprise works better than any alarm clock

How many of you agree with me?? How many of you will wake up to switch off ur alarm clock and then took another forty winks before you actually get your butt off your bed? But if someone surprise you or you got shock, you will be wide awake and get ur butt off your bed at once.

Ok, ok. I should get to the main point. Lao Mei Ren fell down last night in the toilet. As our toilet floor was not tiled, she got injured on the face. She did not say a word and went into the room. No noise were made and we did not know that she fell down. She went to sleep because she did not want my granny to be "pek chek". We found out this morning. I slept late the night before after finishing one chapter of my book. I was fast asleep in the living room when sis woke me up. She told me Lao Mei Ren is injured. I put on my specs and got the shock of my life. Her face is like those who got abused with injuries and swollen mouth. I woke up and decided to follow her to office although I am still pretty sleepy.

I cannot really trust her to drive alone to work and expect her to see the doctor herself. She may be very independent when she is taking care of us but she is quite a baby at times. She will not see the doctor unless we accompany her. Big baby she is. Anyway, I got to office and slept two hours in the office. Then when I wake, Lao Shuai Nan (my dad) is here. He was talking to Lao Mei Ren. So Lao Shuai Nan and I decided to go take our lunch and buy some for Lao Mei Ren. Got her rice and she is eating. Lao Mei Ren needs to have body check-up.

Xiao Mei Ren is not studying much and Er Mei Ren is telling her to do her best. Oh God! I need motivation!!


reddaisie said...

poor lao mei ren

Dragon said...

u need to study! exam is near!

Dragon said...

just realize u write so mamy.... now late... tmr continue read la... i want to sleep already.

Mrs Chong said...

Ok ok...just now had a majlis mohon restu. Might blog about it tonight. Muz study liau!!!!!! yoohoo..

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