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Friday, November 23, 2007

I'll never grow up T.T

I was busy denying it while looking at my facebook profile. T.T Then, sis came back with this!!!!

Ya la. I was like OMG!! And name it Skwanky right away. I don't know how the mata skweng is spelt. But this beautiful baby's name is Skwanky. =) Skwanky is a Xmas teddy and no it's not my xmas present. I REPEAT!! NOT MY XMAS PRESENT. Diharap pihak yang berkenaan nampak mesej ini dengan jelas dan tidak menganggapnya sebagai hadiah Hari Natal. =P It was for the bad Maths Paper I had. Yes. You read it right. Bad Maths Paper also I get present. How can I claim I am not pampered, not spoilt and can grow up? But oh, teddies make me smile. Just that I got no more place to put them until I move house. But they are all on my bed top now. I specially bought a few for my new house. =) Some will be left in the old house and I will decorate the room like its mine and mine only. =) Macam holiday villa. Just that its errrr.. Holiday Flat. Lol.

Enough of those. I heard that many people even those super genius had problem with Paper 1. Let's pray that the rest of the papers are good. I need good Econs paper. I really do. *pray hard*

Christmas list in the making. =) Will update that very very very soon. Pihak yang berkenaan, sila ambil perhatian yer? =P I need lots of presents to be put under my Christmas tree and ready for Boxing Day the next day. So friends, if kotak kosong, baik jangan bagi la ya? Sebab nanti tak jadi pula Boxing Day I. =P

Oh by the way, tomorrow I will go to PBA to study. Then I am going to see Daniel at Gurney. He is not continuing contract with 8 Unit and might venture into Taiwan Market. I guess this will be the last chance to see him before he goes off. I am so excited!!!!!! Suka you la want to say I gila ker, I merapu ker. I suka cukup la.

And my sis is like the ulat dalam my perut la. How come she knows I want to eat this barley tek ga kee soup?? I cuma say I mau some tong sui. I love barley tek ga kee.


Joe Lim said...

Ping Ping wish you good luck in your exam.Wah the Tong sui look great leh..can chia me some ar?

Mrs Chong said...

I finished it last night. Wait one day belanja u ya? =) Thanks. Need lots of luck since I just came back from seeing daniel for 7 hours!!! I'll study harder tml. =)

David (AKK) said...

wow... that tong sui you cook your own ar? look nice ler... i also like tong shui, especially "yong chee kam lou"... super nice :p

Mrs Chong said...

No la. Sis bought. I love it!!! Exam period is the worst. Exam is like pregnant. You crave for lots of things. =(

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