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Friday, November 02, 2007

RIMUP 251007 & Majlis Mohon Restu 021107

Warning: A blardy long post ahead. =)

Our school has lots of activities this year and I am glad, just before I ended my school life, I managed to enjoy myself and really had fun. I have only 8 days left to end my whole high school life! It feels as though it is a dream. I am leaving SGGS for good!!! I would never imagine that I will miss school. SGGS, the place where I learn to cook, sew, plant, saw, hammer, grill, break rules, changing my shoes before I enter toilet, not to drag my shoes when walking, and lots more. I don't think any school can replace SGGS. Its my life. My second home.

I should stay to the topic. I get distracted easily. RIMUP is Rancangan Integrasi Murid Untuk Perpaduan. It is the day where you wear traditional clothes, bring your own race's traditional delicacies and TAKE LOADS OF PICTURES!!!!!!!!! Yes, we only care for the last one. My class, being the biggest class in the entire school always has the least number of people attending. 12 out of 42. Not even half. Only 1/3 attended. What can we do? We got very few ex-Georgian and those not ex-Georgians couldn't care less. What to do? Basically what we did that day was eat and taking pictures. Yi Lin, Wan Mei and I did not wear our traditional clothes because, heh, we do not have it. We wore our school uniform.

They provide us only burgers and we decided to have our own party. With canteen food that is.

Next up, its Majlis Mohon Restu. This time, it is held in Vistana Hotel. We do not have to run here and there in the school to look for our teachers. They will all be put together in this very ballroom and we will be able to ask for forgiveness and get their blessings. It is actually a very very good event because we are able to see our teachers one last time before we leave this entire school. And, heh, we got to eat buffet lunch. We assembled in school at 7.30a.m and got on the bus to Vistana Hotel at 8.10a.m I think. We were led into Ballroom 2 and we got seated. Soon talks began and we actually enjoyed the talk. For what reason? I don't know. It was fun. Then makan!!!!!! Hehe. I think there's nothing much to talk about but we took pictures after that. Loads of pictures.

The food. Lots of pudding!!!!!

Yummy. I am satisfied.

I love pretty food. =P

The entire event was mainly for the 'mohon maaf' session. It was when all the teachers stand in a row and all of us lined up and shake hands with the teachers. We will shake hands with all Form5 and Form6 teachers. It started with Mr. Lim and it continues. There are teachers who never taught me, I've never seen before and loads more who remembers me. I wonder was it because I talked a lot in their class. Should be that. Cause I am so not smart lo. =P Thinking back, it was actually a very touching scenerio. The teachers will wish us lucks, and smile and some even called out my name. I am so going to miss my teachers. I am so going to miss my P.J teacher, Pn. Mazida, I am so going to miss Pn. Nur Hidayah Pn. Annie, Pn. Chuah, Pn. Muminah, Pn. Marzizah, Pn. Sharifah Bahum, Pn. Suguna, Miss Chan, Pn. Audrey, Pn. Kheng (never thought I will), Pn. Siti Sarimah, Mr. Ooi, Mr. Khor, Mr. Tan. In fact, all the teachers!!! I'm so going to miss them. Two more weeks and I think I've finally found my motivation. My teachers, my family and my friends. We are in this together. Let's fight!!!!! ROAR!!!!!!! So I guess my study leave is finally starting. Plus, God is sending me signs lar. My MSN was infected with virus and thus, I am using the old one. So not fun. So yes, online stops!! =) Less updates. 8 more days till I crawl out of high school life. Pictures up.

Satu accident, tiga car, satu bas. =(

Poor car.

Us us us. =)

Butter Sculpture. Amazing. I am impressed!!

ps: Bus drivers ought to be sent to retake their driving licence. In fact, there should be like some censor in the bus to detect their driving skills. The accident which occured 3 cars and one bus is the great work of none other than the bus driver of the bus i sat to Vistana Hotel. The road was jammed and he was not very slow. The bus I took back is even worst. Sudden break and driving like a snake is really not something I can tolerate.


On the side note, Lao Mei Ren's sister is very funny. As Datin (Granny) does not know that Lao Mei Ren fell down, she wanted to cook Cheng Chuan Hu for her. As I remembered that Tao Cheau is poisonous or something. So I insist that Lao Mei Ren's sister to ask Datin if its poisonous but in a way where she will never find out the truth.

Lao Mei Ren's sis: Eh, ah mak, that fish got poisonous not?
Datin: Boh la Boh la.
Lao Mei Ren's sis: Poisonous food don't cook ah. Bad for health. Can cause cancer(kesian Datin always kena tipu.)
Datin: Boh la. My fish not poisonous. Why you keep asking me if my fish is poisonous?
Lao Mei Ren's sis: Eh, the fish not poisonous la
Me: Not the fish la. The sauce. The tao cheau.
Lao Mei Ren's sis: Oh. Is it? Wait wait. Ah Mak, that sauce leh?
Datin: Boh la boh la. Boh poisonous la. My food not poisonous la.
Lao Mei Ren's sis: Hee. She say not poisonous. But better ask your mum eat a bit can already.

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