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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Exploring my camera

As I've said, I bought Canon IXUS 860 IS and I played around with it to check out its function. Er Mei Ren keep asking me to try out the functions and hopefully, with my lousy skills, I can take a better picture for her during her graduation cause she did not hire the photographer. Save money for us to go sight-seeing I guess. Anyway, how can I possibly take nicer picture than the photographer? I guess I can only convince her that I can do it with my lousy skills because I have a beautiful model. I hope she likes people kissing her backside.

So Er Mei Ren insist that I post up the pictures I took while playing around with the functions to show her. You can comment and teach me how to take nicer pictures but please do not "step" me too kuat because I am an amateur only. I can take light criticism. And I mean L-I-G-H-T. Don't la so harsh to me. Like YOU LANGSUNG DON'T HAVE TALENT!!!!!!

The picture where only the object focused is colored while the rest are in B&W

The blur Shan. I mean the picture blur lar.

Random picture. Its like one turtie telling another one. Haiya! Brader.

Where only the front object is focus-ed while the rest behind is plain blur.

Another one. I specially like this teddy. It's Joanne's. =P
ps: I need guide on
-how to take pictures where I can capture the beautiful sceneries and still not make my sister look like a midget.
-how to make her look slimmer and taller
-how to make her the most gorgeous lady alive.

And no, I don't care if she is not very tall in person. I want her to look tall although it is not really so in reality. And yes, slimmer please. If you are thinking of diet, forget it. I want the magic of camera. =P

pps: My current nick in my MSN is

i say: Madame Kuan, please bless me with inteligence or better still,easy papers!!

If you do not know Madame Kuan, she is Kuan Yin lor. =( I seriously need an easy paper to boost my confidence. Its amazing how I am so freaking scared when this is like the very first time I actually prepared for an exam. I am still wondering how I managed to crawl all the way to STPM when I don't study for my exams. UPSR, PMR, SPM, all easy come easy go. =P

ppps: Pao, I spent hours doing this for you cause blogger merajuk-ed with me. Refuse to let me post my pictures. =(

And I was told that I don't look good in sunglasses. Hint: The nose.

To Pao: Ms. Loo's wedding pictures


Dragon said...

can see your own hand taking the photo for the last one.... some photo ok only... some are bad... hahahaha. i step step step and step.... and one thing, if u r short, u cannot make it tall, unless u photoshop it. wakakakaka.

Mrs Chong said...

chieh... =P U take la...No la..this one not take bcuz want show skill one. Is want to show my second sis the functions. =P Show her what my new camera can do...So skills tak kira la. Cuz I tarak skills. =)

Hor!!!!! U say my sis short...bad bad...Can la...Sometimes the way we hold the camera, the angle, can take and make someone looks as though she is taller than real life one.

reddaisie said...

sien..say me short..
but yea..u have to train to take pics so that i look taller and slimmer..and prettier..
Yay i pass!!! can grad d!!!

Mrs Chong said...

How har Pao? I tak tau la.... How????Sedihs...No time to go learn laaaaa...

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