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Sunday, August 12, 2007

S.H.E Auto Session Part II

I got all the pictures from Yi Lin, some from Ah Shan and none from Ju-Yen yet. But I will get it from her when she is online. And Teong Seng. Oh I need to get pictures from them. Anyway, I shall say what I did the whole day. Its the first time I waited for artiste for 5 hours. Usually, I'll be late. Late Queen.

That very day, I woke up at 7a.m instead of 7.30 a.m because my mum threatened me the night before that if I cannot wake up, she will leave the house without me. She always does that when she knows I really want to go somewhere. Monster. Mamee Monsters.The crowd at 11 something. So little.

We reached Queensbay at 10.15 a.m. When we reached, not much people was there yet. We did not see Mr Yeoh who said he wanted to be there at 9a.m. He came shortly after that. He was sick and had to go back to take medicine. Luckily he did not come at 9.00a.m. Not much people around also. The mall was not open yet. It opens at 10.30a.m. As we saw several people got in and waited at the stage area already, we tried to sneak in but to no avail. We headed back to the main door and waited until 10.30a.m. Got in and asked Ying, Mr. Yeoh and his friend to wait at the stage area.

Then Yi Lin and I walked around, doing some shopping. We bought the PLAY album at RM38.20 each. A very interesting price. With a free poster. It was the first time I actually shouted in the mall for someone. I called out for Pei Ying from level 3 to ask Mr. Yeoh Teong Seng to pick up his phone. =.=" After asking them which member in S.H.E they want as their front cover, we paid and went down to pass the albums to them. Then Yi Lin said she want to develop some pictures. So we brought her camera to Harvey Norman to develop her pictures. The self-service thing is kind of fun. One picture at RM0.35 only. So cheap. The promotion is until next week the 19th. After developing the pictures, we went down to ground floor to buy MCD for Ying, Mr Yeoh and his friend.

Then we went up, pass the food to them and asked them to sit at the stage area to eat. Then we went up to 2nd floor to take pictures of that trio. Then we went down to ground floor again to eat. After we bought our food, Ju-Yen called and she joined us with her friends. As we finished eating already, we went up to find that trio. After talking to Ying, we went up one level above to look for place to stand. Then I went to toilet. When I was in toilet, Ying asked us to buy EPOP. However, we couldn't find the edition she wanted. So we went up again and decided to stay up there and not move anymore.

Those in orange are from S.H.E's fanclub. I also want to wear like them. So yeng.

12.15 p.m I think. So few people hor?
More people coming in at 1p.m. But still, so little. I was thinking that S.H.E would be so sad if they saw this.

Siau one. Suddenly at 2.00p.m The crowd become like this. O.o

It was about 12.15p.m that time. I saw Lay Leng walking down there and decided to give her a ring. Then she came to join us. Then Yuh Jen and David come and joined us too. Shortly after that, Shan came too. However, she went Dragon-I after meeting up with me because I couldn't even look at her face because that idiot beside me was trying to squeeze in although she is late and hurting me in the process. David left for skating and Jen was left with us. That girl beside me keep pushing me and I was pretty angry. She was late and we stood there first. Out of nowhere, she squeezed in and pushed us. Benci betul. There were many false alarm. People keep screaming although S.H.E were not there yet.

Madness. At 2.30p.m I think. Luckily Yi Lin and I did not go down. We wanted to go down when we see the crowd at 1p.m

Left side of the stage. The crowd.

Middle. As the clock continued to tick. At 2p.m, Yi Lin actually said, if it gets until outside of the mall, then kira banyak. o.O

S.H.E arrived!!!! At 3.45p.m Look at the crowd. Crazy.

Some clear pictures of S.H.E =) By Ah Shan. i.l.o.v.e.s.h.e.e.e.e.e.e

At around 3.45p.m, S.H.E came and said hie, then they immediately started the auto session. I went down after looking from above for quite some time. We lined up for our album to be signed. They are very fast. They use high tech equipment to make sure we do not go up more than once. They have this thing to stamp on our hands like those rubber stamps. However, this one can only be seen under the blue light used to check money. The people there checked my album twice probably because I did not open my album entirely. The situation on the stage was like I mentioned the other day. Anyway, that's all that happened.
Selina and Ella kept talking. Hebe keeps quiet.

Had short chat before they sign albums

More of S.H.E

S.H.E. i.lo.v.e.s.h.e.e.e.e.e.e.

Start signing. 3 people squeezed in one table. =)

Here are some clear pictures I managed to get up to now. Will wait for Teong Seng, Ju-Yen, and Hooi Chen and the gang's picture.

Hebe and Ella waving to fans at the back and Selina waving to those in front.

They return the microphones to the organizers and got ready for group pictures.

Group pictures!!! I seriously adore them. Don't care what they do.
After group picture, they got ready to sign some albums. Well, 1500 albums

Sign sign sign

They seem more friendly here. I guess I went up too late.

They look at the fans and they talked!!

See how Selina and Ella looked at their fans? Regret. =(

They seem more friendly here la. I JEALOUS!

Even Hebe who spoke very little seems to be friendly when signing albums. But not when I was on stage. =S

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