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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Astro Talent Quest

Note: Check out Nick's post on the same event. He got nice pictures over there. And check this post of his where he post up pictures of S.H.E and their clips for that event.

After leaving Queensbay, Jen went to PISA with us. We got there at about 5.45p.m. We hurried into the lobby and went to the Sony Cybershot stall to get our Sony Cybershot fan with Lin Yu Zhong's face. Then called up Teong Seng and met up with him. We stood around for a while waiting for Ju-Yen. As we were leaving, TS's friend wanted to take free notepad. It was so funny when TS complained that his friend very greedy. Hohoho. Malaysian mar. Never say no to free gift one. People were rushing to take that notepad macam the paper made of gold. Should give them paper made of elephant dung next time. =P There was another stall, Astro one I think. The lady was opening something and people were standing around staring at her because they wanted her free gift too I think. Those who stood around are teenagers some more. I thought only older people will do so.

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