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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hokkien sayings #1

The Hokkien language is full with proverbs and idioms to make the language more flowery. Just like other languages, Hokkien too has these beautiful sentences to convey message in much bombastic and metaphore way. I think Hokkien can easily pass as a main language if there is going to be a school where kids go there, learn and speak hokkien like how they are using Mandarin. Anyway, there's a few here that is quite interesting and I want to share it with everyone. Some might be self-created or passed down by family cause I seriously do not know which are the original ones.

- Cha zai boh gong tai (If this is known earlier, there won't be dumbo in this world.)
* Zhou chi mou hak yee/ Zhou chi mou pak chi (Canto. If this is known earlier, there won't be beggars around or if this is known earlier, there wont be idiots out there.)

- Beh hiau koh chun, hiam hai aik (Don't know how to row the boat, complain that the sea is narrow-something like 'bad workman blame his tools'.)

- Phak chik chu ki, cham huek thun. (Break your own teeth and swallow it with your own blood. Meaning, secrets that will be kept forever.)

- Sin jam ban ho pang sai (New toilet bowl, nicer to shit in. Means- whatever that is new, people will like to use it.)

- Che tang kua sai, chee gin jip ka boh lang chai. (If your house is at North or facing North *not sure*, money will flow in like nobody's business. =P Chee gin is money.)

- My eldest sis's version:- Che tang kua sai, hou seh char wa boh geh sai. (If your house is at North or facing North, your son and daugther will be toothless.)

Famous one.
- Jit lang jit phuah, kam zheng beh sua. (One people half, the relationship will be very good)

New one that I don't know.
- Jit lang jit su ku, kam zheng kah eh ku. (One people one quarter, relationship only can long lasting.)

Today is the first class. When I can think of more, I will share it here. We, the Hokkien Lang have a lot of these. Do check back again. I will post up more.


reddaisie said...

ji lang ji pua, kam cheng ji tao si sua...hahhahha

Mrs Chong said...

how come I got two sisters who just kenot accept good things?? one say people's son and dotter no teeth when it is supposed to mean tat the person will get lots of money. Another, wont let people have ever lasting love. :S luckily i am such an angel. =P

Nautilus said...

che tang kua sai = sitted in the east facing the west...
not sure that is good for feng shui or practical reasons because weat facing houses are hot as hell in the afternoon sun!

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