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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pictures of S.H.E Auto session 11/08

Note: There will be another post up when I got more pictures of S.H.E from my friends. My blog, I like to put artiste, I put. Okay? Because I very scared my computer will kaput and I do not have any apa flikr account ker apa.

Pictures only. The previous post is too long already. Continue the pictures here. S.H.E came to Queensbay, Penang last Saturday for one auto session and then went to PISA as guest artiste for the ATQ. It was a great day despite many unpleasant happenings.

whispering among themselves

seems to be having much fun chit chatting among themselves.

back to work. continue signing

Teaching Hebe how to sign? Playful la.

Toilet break. They went to toilet.
Toilet break. Hebe seems to mingle with her assistants very well.

back from the toilet

Playful Ella joked that people were trying to touch or hit her.

Ella getting massage.

The only who got massage.

Me getting signature.

Ella smiling, not to me.

-The end.-

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