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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kuala Lumpur Day 2- Chase Artiste Part II

Yes. I remember writing about it and in the end, put up only one picture of the not so visible Tang Yu Zhe. Did not read the oh-so-short review that does not seem like a review? Here you go. I couldn't get nice shots la. So sad okay? Went all the way to Kay-elle and that's what I got. =( Don't laugh at me. >:(

Anyway, got some pictures from my friend and I can finally continue updating already. =) The pictures I actually had to use Picasa to edit them for a better picture. Kind of dark. But better than none.

My entau Tang Yu Zhe. Here not so entau because too blur. Later I post up his entau picture then you will agree.. =)

Yu Zhe again with a little bit of Wu Zun

Wu Zun is out. Talking on the stage.

Zun and the basketball. They played on stage.

More of Zun, basketball and the fan.
Zun and Zhe are so handsome. Really eye candy.

After watching Wu Zun and Yu Zhe, it was already about 5 something to 6. We walked over to Sungei Wang and bought ice-cream. It taste like milk for the white one and cocoa for the brown one. Not like the normal ice-cream. Then we proceeded to the stage area where we saw the finalist for "So You Think You Can Dance". Watched a while, bought "Cup Bon Bon" ( used to have it all the time at Gurney Plaza) and we decided to shop around. We did not get anything buy Yi Lin's sis did. Then we went to take our dinner but because Yi Lin and I were still full over our Pattaya Rice, we just shared. Yi Lin shared with her sister and I shared with my aunt. We were at the 4th floor food court and Yi Lin was rather puzzle because that area did not look as though it has a place for Janice's auto session. I was rather puzzle too because that place was horrible. Hot, dirty and not an ideal place for a concert.

Janice's stage.

We decided to follow the crowd as we saw many guys walking towards that area. It is rather understandable and rasional to follow them because Janice = beautiful lady = attracts guys. So we were right. To our surprise, it was not a bad place to hold that concert. We stood outside of that area for a while because none of us are Maxis users therefore we have no tickets. Fortunately, there are people who did not want to enter gave us 5 tickets. We needed four but who cares. =) We went in and waited until Janice came out. She was not late. Or maybe a little late but to me, the wait was still alright. She was gorgeous. Managed to get some close-up look through people's video-cam. Then waited a while until Charles came out. Saw him and off we went. We got our luggage, walked to the monorail and got up the monorail which took us to KL Sentral which looks like an airport. Haha. Many other transportations which is like LRT but of different company link there. Yi Lin asked them for underground LRT which fetches us straight to MidValley. It is called KTM. Got our tickets, got up the KTM, got to MidValley and waited for the taxi at the waiting area. There's long queue but the taxi come non-stop. So we got ours within minutes. Got up and had a good chat with the taxi driver. He taught us a lot about how to board a taxi and what we should ask before getting on it and stuff. It was very useful cause we met that kind of taxi driver the next day.

The view from the monorail. I enjoy sitting right behind the driver. Feel more like roller coaster like that.

Got to Yi Lin's uncle's house. Took our bath, called Jas Lyn and soon, we fall asleep.

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