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Monday, June 25, 2007

Updates for the whole week

Note: A bad way to start my Monday. It rained like mad this morning, got there late just to find the class in darkness. No electricity. Helped teacher carry tables, got back class, lessons start. Then 1.20, off we went to the language lab to finish up the show Heaven & Earth. I kind of like it. I like the main actress. Pretty girl.

First of all, I found out that the so called individual lucky draw is not mine. How sad? It was not a hamper okay? Thank god it's not a mp3 or handphone, I will cry myself to sleep if it is. =P Anyway, because of my own carelessness and my own tak kisah attitude, my friend and I took the wrong ticket. The story is like this. One friend collected all 10 tickets to register for us and well, I did not remember my own number. The first time I saw that ticket was when they pass it to me and the last time I saw it was when I shove it into my handbag. No, I did not check the numbers and no, I did not write down my 'lucky' number like Yi Lin. So I just take whichever ticket that is left on the table after everyone took theirs. And it so happens that another friend of mine don't know her number either. So very the ngam we took the wrong one. She took mine and I took hers. Her friends to whom I passed the ticket to earlier realized that we got the wrong ticket and that means the lucky draw is not mine! So not lucky afterall. No wonder I did not bump into Xing Kong cast in QB makan-ing. =( Anyway, I am not that greedy la. Returning her the gift tomorrow. Kira I ambil on her behalf lor. =) Yippie ya ya. A bit shy though. =P

Yes, yes, pictures coming up. Lots of pictures actually. But then I can't possibly put all the pictures in here right? I mean there's like 5 days of pictures. You will go mad if you were to see each and every one of it. Furthermore, I actually put up the same picture in friendster. Anyway, just a brief update to keep my own memories in record. I love this whole week in fact.

Let's start with Tuesday.
Today, we decided to all go to Kepala Batas as the representative of our beloved school (whose prefects gave me another demerit for being late, AGAIN!) We entered only first two period and off we went to Kepala Batas. All ten of us went. Yes, Bentengs plus Yi Yin. Well, instead of selling products, we camwhore more I think. But nevertheless, we do work more than some of those juniors who went just to sit around and waste their time and skip school. So yea, we sold some products, camwhore a lot and ate a lot too. We bought jagung, some kind of jelly and we get free nasi kandar or something like that. So we ate at all the odd hours.

Then we go around laughing at people's presentation because they had this funny way to express themselves. So yea, we were pretty entertained. In fact, most of us are very satisfied with the amount of camwhore we did because we did so many crazy stuff together as a group. Fun I would say. Definitely worth the skip school and the Heaven & Earth show. =) Pictures. 5 only.
We took this in Kepala Batas on Tuesday which was 19/06. So warm. Love this picture the most.

I lose control when I see this little creatures. Too bad teacher just have to sell them at RM4.50 and no discounts. =( So no, I did not get them.

Pretending to work hard. Er, do we look like we are working hard? Shan's lappy. =)

And that's Wan Mei and Swee Win doing their rockstar thing. Cute bunch of people la.

The 5 Mutiara we get for the Ko-op. Got my reflection. lol. Shan taking the picture.

Wednesday was a day of boredom in school. Annie, Yi Yin and Swee Hong went to the Ko-op thing but we did not. I need to get the bowling board thing ready, so decided not to skip school. Besides, I can't afford skipping so many classes, I am getting real bad for my results already. Teacher's probably going to say that I talk a lot in class. For the past 16years, I think my mum is used to it. Yes, 16 years. I began this at the tender age of 3 or 4. Since kindergarten. I am such a senior in this talkative community. =P Okay, back to Thursday, our KK day.

Thanks to Swee Win and Yi Lin, I managed to get the board done. I was very nervous and thank god the whole Benteng came over and gave me a hand. So many hands really help a lot. Shan and Cheng Ling chipped in to help. Ngiap Ai too. Really, thank you. How I wish all of you are my committee members. I am so disappointed with the whole Bowling Club committee.

Anyway, sad things aside. The red bowling ball is painted by Swee Win, the one who claims she enters drawing competition. Not bad la hor? We spent bout 2 hours at the bowling stall before leaving it to the almighty vice. We went to take our breakfast, ate ice-cream, went to take picture with our oh-so-famous whale and tortoise which I think are starting to lose their color after such heavy rain this morning. Went to the gadgets of which I was scared to death that I will fall down from there and took lots of pictures. Had fun. =)

And when I go back laman ko-op where the stall is suppose to be, guess what?The stall is empty. I did not plan to go to the stall. Initially, I wanted to go and watch the performance in the field right in front of our stalls. But oh well, even before someone come to take over her place, she is gone because time's up. How responsible is that? And she dares to ask me to retake the club picture because it is stupid that the vice is not in the picture. So funny that I never hear those words when there's stuff to do. She will go," Eh, that's not siapa-siapa mia job ah?" Really, she is getting on my nerves. There's many occasions where she expects me to do her job, and her friends'. And to add to that, she even dare to come and act like she is the boss to ask me about it. Argh, if I am going to talk about it, I am not going to finish talking about it. See? SAD THINGS ASIDE!! So yea, at about 12pm we kept our things and move those tables and chairs back to the class. Then YAY! We are freed. So we went to the library for a while as Kakak wants to close the library already. Then we went walking around and went back class. Took some pictures and KRIIIIIIING!!! End of school. Pictures up next.

Us in front of our Bowling board. Lol. I did not know it was an exhibition actually. I thought it was like last time where we expect people to register to be in the club. Oh well. =)

Us in class. Taking pictures. =) Close friends rocks!

That poor little huge tortoise that now has kulit kurap.

The whale who got in touch with water this morning but starting to lose its skin. =( I thought whales need water. Oh well.

Updates on Friday and Saturday next post. =) Read on. Haha. Bored leh?


sHaN sHaN said...

havin fun last week ha...
but startin fr dis week we need to work hard d...
last week of june...scary thou...
btw thanks 4 da help in kepala batas....thanks for helpin us...
we took lotsa of pic last week...
havin fun...
jia you ya....

Mrs Chong said...

oh exams... =(

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