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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

8tv Mall Tour - 17th December 2006

Yes I know. Long long long time ago already. I blogged about it before in my multiply okay? That time I only cared about my multiply because I got my good good friend, Diana blogging there. She always leave comments okay? Not like here, feels as though I am here alone, talking to myself. So scary. Anyway, I couldn't remember much about that day except that I met Jas Lyn there who was supporting Suki. =) And I got their signature. Love all of them. Kesh or Cash is really really handsome and very friendly.

No, after browsing through my multiply, I DON'T HAVE THEM IN THERE!!! So too bad la. I have to blog about it but I have no ideas. So how? No review? Straight to the pictures alright?

Suki. That one million ringgit baby.

Gary. The singer + actor + host.

Superstars 2006 playing games.

Rickman, the Ho Chak host, top 8 in Superstar 2006

More of that hottie, Rickman.

Winson, my favourite male contestant in Superstar 2006.

The Xiao Wang Zi before he became a Wang Zi.

Adorable like mad. Cutie.

Oh and some time before this thing, my second sis actually went to see Kenji Wu Ke Qun with me. I can't remember when but he was cute and very handsome. Very adorable and tanned guy. Love him since the Peach Girl show he acted with Vanness Wu. =)

Kenji and lovely (someone I know from forums.)


reddaisie said...

hey girl...
i do read your's just that wanna post comment gotta wait for the thing to load..very slow..but dun worry la..ur blog got loyal readers one.. :)
so keep up with ur long long posts...not like mine..haha so short and lau ea

Mrs Chong said...

yea yea...thank u my laling loyal readers... =P How come people's blog comment so fast hor? Ours so slow. If fast maybe I can get like 10-15 comments hor? =P All by myself..hahaha..

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