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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kuala Lumpur Day 3 - A rather disappointing day.

On the 27th of May which was a Sunday, the four of us got up pretty late. Or maybe me and Pei Ying got up pretty late. It was almost 10.30 a.m when we got up. Yi Lin had taken her bath and so had my aunt. So I got into the bathroom and took mine. Then Pei Ying took her bath. Today's plan is to go to The Summit and see Superstar. I regret for not checking their schedule again before got to The Summit. We went there just to find out that Superstars again postponed their meet and thus, we see no one. Took our lunch there and soon after that, we got to Sunway Pyramid. This is the place we bought lots of stuff. During the trip to Sunway Pyramid, we realized that what the taxi driver the day before told us were true. We have to ask them whether they want to use the meter or not. Else, don't get up the taxi. If not, you might get charged even more after that. We did one big mistake for not asking. After he started driving, we asked him, "Tak guna meter kah?" He was angry and he said RM8. Yi Lin was puzzle and wanted him to use the meter. He kind of got angry and we had to keep our mouth shut. He was an Indian. A very fierce one. (This is not racist okay?)

Sunway Lagoon. Is this a man-made waterfall?

Swim swim swim. I want.....

More swim swim swim. So nice. I swear I smell the pool smell.

Almost all souvenirs and presents are being bought here. We did not try the ice-skating because we are scared. Yi Lin and I are scary cats. We dare not go and give it a try. We went walking around, entered the bowling centre but did not play because that place was crowded. We took pictures there at Sunway Pyramid. At about 4 something, we left Sunway Pyramid to go to MidValley. This is because the shops in Sunway Pyramid are all branded stuff and we did not plan to get any branded stuff. It gets rather boring after few rounds of walking. Besides, we wanted to save time.

We stopped a taxi and this time, we were much smarter. We asked him if he will be using meter and he said RM15. We decided not to take it and we walked to the bus. 1st bus- no word of MidValley, 2nd bus- Midvalley. So we wanted to get up the bus but they asked us to take the 1st bus. So we walked back to the 1st bus and asked. The conductor perli-ed us for not asking earlier. We got up the bus and it only cost us RM1 per person. Banana mia taxi driver. Want RM15 when it is just RM4 by the bus. Siau one. Got to MidValley, started shopping. Got my sis's keychain here and also Pei Ying got her Fahrenheit album. We took our dinner at the Food court and at about 8p.m, we decided to go to Eye on Malaysia. It was a long way from MidValley but we did not want to waste the opportunity. My aunt was not very happy bout it and I quarreled with her a lot. Forgive me but I am like that. Very bad tempered person.

Anyway, the KTM guy was not friendly. Here is a little of our conversation.
Yi Lin: How do we get to Eye On Malaysia?
Guy: Ambil KTM kemudian monorail.
Yi Lin: What time Eye On Malaysia closes?
Guy: Ada di Titiwangsa. =.=" (tak faham English kut dia.)
Yi Lin: Oh, you know what time it closes.
Guy: Mana I tau?
Yi Lin: What?
Ping and Pei Ying: So rude one. (Stared at him with our deadly eyes.)

(Eye On Malaysia is a tourist spot. If you hire such person to take care of the counter and they are so not helpful to the tourist, how you expect the tourist to enjoy their stay? It is alright if he didn't know but did he have to use that kind of tone? Besides, there's no proper transportation to Eye On Malaysia. You actually had to got down from the monorail and then take a taxi or a bus. The bus stopped coming at 9p.m and the taxi drivers had no idea of that place. So much of Cuti-cuti Malaysia. Furthermore, the passers-by do not know much about Eyes On Malaysia. We asked lots of people but none know what time it closes. For your info, if you want to go there, normal days, it closes at around 10p.m because not much people go there. But if its on holiday or weekends, it will open until 12 a.m depending on the crowd. If there's people, they will still open it. But it was a so-so ride. Did not had much fun. It was kind of boring and not as pretty as it seem from up there.)

We bought our tickets to KL Sentral and there, we asked the Customer Service. He was much more helpful. We got to Eye on Malaysia with a taxi from Titiwangsa. Got there, took some pictures and got our tickets. Got up in the Ferris Wheel with 4 other teens and it was alright. Not to say that it was totally not fun but it gets boring. And my aunt was a little headache from all those.

Us before leaving Eye On Malaysia.

The Eye on Malaysia.

Picture of Yi Lin and Pei Ying when we are lining up, waiting for our turn.

The only shot in the cable that I can at least try to make it viewable. Ignore my stupid look. I've got no choice. Only picture I can get.

Had to rush back because we are so afraid that we will miss the last monorail. The road in KL are too long, you can't afford missing these monorails because it will cost a bomb to take the taxi all the time. Lucky us we managed to get the last monorail but we decided not to take the KTM anymore in fear of not getting a taxi in MidValley as MidValley should closed by then. Got up a taxi from KL Sentral and it cost us about RM12++ to get back to Yi Lin's uncle's house. It was rather late by then. We took our bath and fell asleep. Last day in Kay-elle already. =(
Last day- 28th May
Today is our last day in Kay-elle. Finally saw Yi Lin's cousin for the first time. Small and pretty. I think their whole family including cousins and all are small. So thin and small but pretty. We left her uncle's place at 11 something and got to MidValley at 1p.m I think. Took our lunch at Kenny Rogers and then started shopping. Got some Dunkin' Donuts for my mum. I don't like it though. At about 3, we decided not to shop anymore. We left to take the KTM to KL Sentral and then the LRT to Masjid Jamek. I guess we are now pros. =) Ran all our way to the Puduraya bus stop and waited for our bus. Got up the bus at 4.30p.m and bid goodbye to KL. I'll be back. Hope I don't have to take that much LRT the next time come. It was a great trip because we tried almost all the public transportation there, above the ground, on the ground, underground, big ones, small ones. =)

I am sorry to my aunt because I am very naughty. But no, no more staying over at people's house. Although I am grateful to the ones who let us stay over, I prefer renting hotel. At least we have more time shopping. Kay-elle end of this year? Anyone? I am ready. Hehe. Okay, now I am suppose to blog about Lin Yu Zhong and June+Jen's birthday.

Me and my KL trip gang. =) Taken on Friday night. Before we see Wu Zun.
Picture 1 L-R seated : Pei Ying , Yi Lin, my aunt, me, Chen Yin (not sure how to spell)
standing: Ju-Yen and her new cap. =)


sHaN sHaN said...

Haha..after u balik i went there pula...regret nia didnt follow u guys...
i miss the eye on malaysia eh night scene...haihz...
kl was abit not fun except for the shopping part la...
i dun like the air there so damn dusty...lolx...
rather to be in penang...lolx...

Mrs Chong said...

yea yea...i love penang..except for the chances to bump into artiste, I don't like KL lar. The shopping right, the things like Penang also got d. Probably more place to walk around la. Hehehe. Not like here..only 4. Go lai go ki still the 4 nia..heheheh..

I think the night one nicer than the morning one ko. Although night one already tak berapa nice. Nvm la. End of the year we find chance to go again..

sHaN sHaN said...

hehe..yea end of the year we find a chance to go again la...
night scene much more better..
but i was unlucky..heavy rain cant manage to go...go also no use cant take pic also...lolx..
Love penang...dun feel like leaving penang d...lolx..

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