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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ho Chak!

Well, I am sure many of us know about this programme where they bring you all around Malaysia to look for food. It is a very nice show actually. It helps us to understand our own country better. I mean I do come across many places in Penang with good food that I never know or heard before. However, one bad thing about this show is that they do not have this list whereby we can download or copy the details of the places. Perhaps putting them in categories or by state. I am sure that will help us tremendously and at the same time, boost the effort for Visit Malaysia. Besides, they can also put the 'HALAL' label to assist the Muslims to enjoy this too.

I heard that they have it in Mandarin but there is no list in English. Hey, THERE ARE BANANAS OUT HERE LA! Here! Here! *jumps frantically*. I think they should think of Malaysia as a multi-racial country and start putting different language for the list. I mean I understand that they might think those non-Chinese might not be interested but at least put it up. Who knows? They might like it. I so hope that there's a proper way to convey this to 8tv. I don't know which email I should send to. Furthermore, I lost the interest to chase it every week cause I can never remember where they've been with good food.

Another thing that I do not like is the host. I don't like Ah Yoon. To me, she acts like she is the boss and always pick on Rickman. And from a viewer's eyes, it seems as though she did it to show her power and to prove that she is much more experienced and superior to Rickman. I do not like it. She also oftens say that she is pretty in front of the camera. I mean you guys can say that it was just a joke or she said it playfully but no, to me, she seem to believe in that very well. I rarely complain much about the host except for a few because I cannot tahan people like her. Poor Rickman seem happy to be bullied. -.-

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