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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

3rd June- Lin Yu Zhong

I have to blog this else I will not blog about it for months and forget it just like how I did to the very 1st 8tv Mall Tour I went. Perhaps I would blog about that mall tour right after this one. Just a little bit or probably in the next post. I really loved that picture of Winson I took okay? So need to keep them as memories.

Anyway, talking about Lin Yu Zhong. He is Rynn Lim Yee Chung who acted in "The Beginning" as 'Tie Tou'. I missed the chance to see him the last time he came to Penang because I was sick and my mum was busy. So you get the picture la? It was not meant to be. =( I bought his 1st album and I never got them signed. =( How I wish he is coming to Penang for some small scale events or something and I can finally get his signature on the 1st album and my name written on the 2nd. Anyway, I went to my friend's party the day before and although I just had 2 hours sleep, that did not stop me from going to his promo tour. I adore him. I reached Gurney at about 10 to 15 minutes past 11 and Yi Lin and I started walking around. We walked around and hung out until June came. Then waited for Hooi Shan and Swee Win and that was then Jen messaged me and said that David asked us to see him. So off we went but he was just trying to tell us that Astro Talent Quest Promo was about to start.

The Guy. I don't know his name.

He looked and sounded nervous. Probably cause he was the first and the crowd was not much.

The girl. Xiao Xiao. Slim and pretty with good voice. Look out for her.

So we stayed on to see the first two contestant singing. The guy got this boyish look while the girl is pretty. And she sang real nice Canto song. Her nick is Xiao Xiao I think. Small Small. For what reason, don't ask me. After a while, we decided to go shopping. As we were leaving that fans area, I met Aunty Audrey, Fish and Fanny. All the way from KL just to see Lin Yu Zhong. Damn cool. I left to jalan-jalan and even thought of getting the Spritzel bottle with Daniel's face. What was I thinking? Lol. That bottle very light is it? So early buy. So no, I did not buy. =) Anyway got something else that I adore. Then we went to meet up with the rest, put my bag in Hooi Shan's car and then go for our lunch at A&W.

Handsome Yu Zhong singing Kong Qiu Qian I think.

Sang Kong Qiu Qian then talked to the MC then sang Zhuo Mi Chang

Singing Zhuo Mi Chang or Hide and Seek then signature session.

After that, Ju-Yen and I rushed to the stage area and purchased our album. About half and hour after waiting, he came out. So hot, can die. He was smiling which I think is superbly adorable. We did not get any goodies from his throwings but we had fun.

At last we lined up to get our albums signed and we were given some booklet of him promoting Sony Cybershot T-100. Hot pictures inside. Our turn to go up and I saw him writing names on people's album. I was shocked that I can actually utter out those mandarin words to the PA because I suck pretty bad at that. I asked " Ke yi sie ming zhi ma?" (Can write name?) Then he said something like "No, we only write on those who prepared." -.- Then I was like "Oh okay." Then Rynn finished signing and I was still pretty blur up there. Then he smiled and reached out his hands. At that time, both my hands were not free. I stared at him for a while and shifted all my things to my right hand and shook hand with him. Then I went down. We hang around watching Rynn signing more albums and when he finished, we rushed to the exit area. Just to get another glimpse of him. He was well protected by the security I should say. But once out of that entrance door, everyone left. I think they stayed in G Hotel. Went back, took some group pics with A. Audrey they all and then Ju-Yen got a free pic from the workers. I went to the booth where they put out more pics and I started saying, 'Aiya, all Andrew one, I don't want." I got a weird stare from the person at the booth. So malu.

After that went to meet up with Hooi Shan they all and we went to G Hotel just to have a look. Saw the Astro Talent Quest contestants but did not go up to them to say hie because I was shy. Franklin and Derek from Superstar 2006 joined too.

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