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Monday, March 31, 2008

10 recent things that made me happy

I was reading Tin Tin's blog and found this real interesting tag and decided to do it. So basically I am suppose to write about 10 things that make me happy. I guess it'll do me good by giving me chance to be grateful for happy things that happened. Even if I have to think like few hours got get a complete ten. =P

1. I have a too-good-to-be-true job and some side income doing what I like, writing- though many people are doing the same and heh, earning even more.

2. I get to do what I like most of the time. Eg: Chase artiste.

3. Though I always find ways to prove otherwise, there are people out there loving me sincerely. Not boyfriend la. My family members. With the love showered to me, I'll be an idiot not to realize this.

4. Have a healthy body and a more satisfying after-school life now. I had a horrible one back in 2005. Health is very important to me, I know.

5. To be able to live in comfort without having to worry about what will be served on the table tomorrow. I am much much much lucky compared to those who don't even have bread on the table. (Despite my big size, I think having food to keep us full is a happy thing)

6. I've been to many places and enjoyed myself. Eg: New Zealand (I MISS NEW ZEALAND!!!!), K.L. (I MISS FISH SPA!!!), Singapore (I MISS THE SHARKS!!!). Before this, due to studies and financial problems, my one and only holiday spot was Pulau Tikus. I believed it was an island till I grew up. I lived in my own fantasy world where Pulau Tikus is not a market place but an island. Stories that mum made up to cheer up the kids. -.-"

7. That I am able to wake up each day to be sick of work, to be angry with my sister, to quarrel with my mum, to complain there's nothing on the television, to worry about what I want to eat- not what I get to eat, to get sore legs due to too much walking, to actually be very much alive.

8. To know that it's 31st today and that means payday??? =P
9. To know that my sister had planned on how to celebrate my birthday although well, she might have forgotten about it after the long hours swimming with fishes.

10. To be sitting here complaining on why I did this thing because I can't think of 10 happy things. =P At least I can get access to the internet and I am literate to be able to write.

There you go, the 10 happy things that happened to me. What about you? Come on, cheer up yourselves. Make yourselves happy thinking about things we often missed out. We don't think when we are happy, we only do the thinking when we are sad. We should count our blessings!!!

I tag Shan Shan, Ah Win, Pao Pao, Ah Leng, Joze, Chun Yiun, Yet Tyng, Akira and you people out there who needs to cheer yourselves up and stop sinking into the emo you.
kam xia eah soh (Thank you Jesus) for providing whatever I need and even more. =D

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Joze Foo said...

tag done!

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